Kirkland’s Hidden Foodie Gem – Deru Market

If you don’t know, now you do. Deru Market in the NorKirk neighborhood of Kirkland will be on your restaurant rotation after your first visit.

A foodie haven for thoughtfully prepared dishes featuring locally sourced ingredients from Washington farmers and purveyors. The husband and wife chef duo and their team of dedicated staff (dressed in a cute uniform of plaid shirts reminiscent of life on a farm) deliver always-on-point flavors in a rustic and charming atmosphere.

I discovered this neighborhood eatery by chance while driving down 85th in Kirkland where I happened to see a sandwich board advertising a European market back in the neighborhood. Expecting to find a little grocery with meats, cheeses and breads, I was surprised (and delighted!) to discover a cute little restaurant/catering business with cakes the size of that memorable chocolate cake from the movie Matilda. Yes, that kind of cake! I had never seen cakes quite likes these at any bakery or restaurant before Deru; big, rustic and simple on the outside, delicious, moist and divinely flavored on the inside.

Seasonal Pumpkin Cake

They don’t only serve cakes, although, if they did I wouldn’t complain. Some of the menu highlights include made-to-order pizzas with a loyal following of customers, sandwiches made from the most delicious focaccia topped with fresh produce and house-made meats, farm fresh salads with expertly crafted dressings, beautifully baked goods, and a refrigerator of grab-and-go side dishes, meats, and salads perfect for taking home.

Deru 4.png
Farm Salad (comes with feta, if you prefer)


Fennel Sausage Pizza

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all hits at Deru. Where they really shine though, is on Saturdays for BRUNCH. Yes, do yourself and favor and get over there on a Saturday morning/afternoon (earlier the better). Don’t be intimidated by the line. They have an efficient system for seating that makes it almost painless, plus you can gawk at the cakes and snap a quick photo to make your friends drool and wonder where in foodie heaven you’ve landed while you wait.

Breakfast Hash (yum!)


Meat Lasagna (sauce is to die for!)

The whole experience is more casual than fancy with ordering done at the front counter, a number to deliver your food, and counter seating for those who don’t mind watching the baristas prepare frothy lattes and hot chocolate topped with a giant square of homemade marshmallow. Drool! My next visit will be to try the hot cocoa.

Deru Market has been Kirkland’s best kept secret, but the word is getting out with more and more people becoming loyal fans. Even my coworker has been hooked since our visit this past summer in 2016. He told me just the other day that he compares every restaurant to Deru now. It’s delicious, it’s visually lovely with all white everything, fresh flowers and greenery, and a wonderful staff providing friendly service in a neighborhood location. What are you waiting for? Go to Deru now! And if you’re there for dinner…get the fries. You’re welcome.

P.S. Need a cake for a birthday, wedding or event? You can custom order a small or large version of your favorite(s). Don’t feel like cooking for the holidays? Deru has got you covered. Your friends and family will think you made everything from scratch!

More food pics…

Coconut Cake (the best)


Almond Milk Chai Latte





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  1. Love the Deru Market…that coconut cake looks divine and so does everything else. You think you can bribe someone there for the recipe? LOL. 😊

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