Where to Wine & Dine Your Valentine in Austin

It’s Valentine’s Day crunch time. Some holidays you plan ahead for months, while others creep up on you without warning. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones who got a heads up early at Walgreens or CVS thanks to a sneak peek of the new seasonal stock on the shelves!

Either way, you’re here now and it’s time to make some plans. If you’re reading this, you’ve already decided that going to dinner somewhere special with your sweetheart is the way to go. And, deciding where is the next big step.

A lot of times, making last minute dinner reservations can be quite the headache with many restaurants getting totally booked weeks in advance of the big V-Day. The beauty about the Austin food scene is that there are so many great options you’re sure to find something that will knock your S.O.’s socks off. So, if at first you don’t succeed. Try, try, try again.

When it comes to this particular holiday, my preference is to spend it somewhere that makes it easy and enjoyable to have a romantic evening. This could be anything from the ambiance, the special menu, the location, or even something sentimental. I may be new to town, but I’m no stranger to doing my research on the best places to have a nice night out with my love.

Without further adieu…here is my list for where to wine and dine your Valentine in Austin:

Classic Charm – Mattie’s

Matties 2
Mattie’s at Green Pastures

What is there not to love about Mattie’s at Green Pastures? It’s located on the most beautiful property surrounded by lush trees and resident peacocks who like to strut their stuff alongside outdoor diners. It’s absolutely breathtaking and will surely impress your date. The food menu is a mix of Southern classics with a few items that feature exotic flavors. The restaurant has a few different seating options including: outside on the deck or the patio, indoors on the first and second floors, and if you’re looking for a place to cozy up with a cocktail there are two bars (one upstairs and one on the first floor), both of which have their own personality and flare. It’s truly a charming place if you’re looking to woo your boo with something special.

Parisian Amour – Le Politique

Le Politique
Photo Credit: Le Politique

Just like a French woman dressed to the nines walking down the street, Le Politique has been a showstopper since day one. The newest French restaurant to hit the Austin dining scene has been a favorite of girl groups, brunch-goers, and lovers looking for a place to spark the romance. Le Politique wows guests with the ultimate in Parisian style and cuisine. The scene is trendy, yet refined with superb service and classic French dishes that will entice your taste buds, as well as your date. Just for this one special day, Le Politique Executive Chef, Derek Salkin, has created the ultimate menu – La Saint Valentin – with an optional wine pairing for those who want to make the night EXTRA magnifique! *Special Valentine’s Day menu offered.

Glitz and Glamour – Truluck’s

Photo Credit: Truluck’s

This downtown restaurant is everything you could want in a high-end seafood and steakhouse. It has old world charm that perfectly sets the mood for any special occasion, especially when the occasion is about love and romance. From white tablecloths to exceptional service and execution, Truluck’s has what it takes to sweep your sweetie off their feet. From the moment you walk in you will feel as though you’re a V.I.P., even if it’s your first time. The team at Truluck’s takes pride in providing top-notch service, food, and wine for those diners who are wanting to splurge on an unforgettable evening. City views, candlelight, and live music from the piano make for a classy and sophisticated Valentine’s Day dinner. *Special Valentine’s Day menu offered.

Exotic Escape – Swift’s Attic

Swift's Attic
Photo Credit: Swift’s Attic

A little bit of mystery, a little bit of history, and a whole lot of excitement is what you get at Swift’s Attic. The chefs at Swift’s take you on a culinary adventure set in a historic building on Congress Ave. This spot is for the unconventional Valentine’s Day couple who delight in exploring non-traditional dishes set in a lively atmosphere. The building boasts plenty of character and charm making it a truly unique dining experience. The food at Swift’s Attic is more of a laidback tapas-style, which is perfect for those who enjoy eating off of each other’s plates. Start at the popular bar area for some fun people-watching, and then head over to a cozy dining table to enjoy a delightful culinary escapade with your love. *Special Valentine’s Day menu offered.

Urban Western – Lonesome Dove

Lonesome Dove
Photo Credit: Lonesome Dove

Celebrate everything Texas and Austin-inspired at this downtown Western Bistro. Y’all, I’m just going to get right to it – this restaurant has my #1 favorite margarita in town! I know, that’s not very romantic and all, but I promise you will fall in love with this drink. And, what better time to do it than on Valentine’s Day? It’s perfectly sweet and spicy made with cucumber and jalapeno, finished with a simple syrup rim covered in chunky rock salt. It’s simply perfect. For Valentine’s Day, this place has the look and feel for lovebirds who want to enjoy the best of Texas cuisine in an intimate setting, as long as you don’t mind the deer watching over you (yes, there is taxidermy all over this place). The service is some of the best in town, and the dessert is nothing short of fantastic. If you really want to finish off your date with a bang, order the banana cream pie. No, seriously. You will not regret it. It’s out of this world delicious. *Special Valentine’s Day menu offered.

You really can’t go wrong…

These restaurants are perfect for any special occasion, whether it be Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, birthday, or just a good ol’ date night. I hope this gives you some inspiration for how to spend this special night celebrating your relationship. There are so many great restaurants that are not listed here, and that’s only because I haven’t been to them all, yet, and these just happen to have left an impression on me and my husband. Here’s to a memorable Valentine’s Day 2018 in Austin!

Keep exploring,



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